(Review originally written at 10 August 2010)

Guess that in the end this movie is an OK watch but it's also one that had some far more potential, if it had only tried to tell a better story with its movie.

I just don't like a mystery-thriller, in which we as the viewers know even less about the mystery of the whole story than the main character. It really should be a movie rule that the viewers always must know just as much about what is going on, as the main character. It makes things a whole lot more involving as well to watch and follow.

This movie just loves to mess with your mind. It's one of those movies in which you are never sure what is real and what is going on in the main characters mind. And the movie just never seems to get enough of this. It doesn't just make the movie complicated but it also makes it a bit of a mess. I honestly started loosing interest in this movie real fast. I just couldn't care anymore about the story or its characters, or were it was all heading toward. It's because you never really know whats real or not and what is the 'secret' the main character is carrying around with him. You could say that it's a movie that tries too hard to be clever and over-complicated with its story, while in fact the story just isn't powerful enough to fully achieve any of this. It also means that the movie trows in just too much stuff, which makes it all a bit of a mess in the long run. Was most of the stuff and mystery really necessary for the movie its plot? No, as it turns out in the end.

But it nevertheless remains still a well made and great looking Norwegian movie. There is basically just very little wrong with any of its acting, cinematography or visual directing. Its look is the foremost reason why the movie still somewhat works out because it manages to create a great, moody, almost horror-like atmosphere. The movie is also being listed as an horror, though honesty I would still call it more of a thriller than anything else really. There are scare moments in it and all and the atmosphere is kind of creepy but its story is just purely being a typical mystery-thriller one.

So despite all of the negativity and complaints I have toward this movie, I still consider it as a watchable enough one.


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