(Review originally written at 7 August 2010)

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Basically a lot of genre movies got made over the past years and I must say that this is definitely one of the better ones and also works out as one of the more original ones, despite its story.

Once you start thinking about it, the movie its story really doesn't make much sense. I mean, the plan of the bank-robbers is just pretty stupid and needlessly over-complicated, which only makes the risks for them even higher to get caught, or to get double crossed. Why did they even need the help of Pratt, it's not like he could had done much of they forced him. So the whole softening up of him, in order to get him to help out with the heist is just pretty silly and pointless in the first in the first place. Any other person would had gone to the police or FBI straight away once he heard with the gang was up to. It would had surely saved himself a lot of trouble.

But than again, it's not like most other movies have stories that do make sense or are realistic, which is most of the cases just fine. As long as you believe and are taken by the movie its story and characters it doesn't matter that much if the story is being air tight or realistic. And that is the case with this movie. So even though the story is far from a likely one, it won't prevent you from not liking this movie.

It also helps that the story has more subplots in it, rather than just one main plot line. It gives the characters some more depth because of their back-stories, which in return also gives the movie some more layers, which in return makes the movie still an original one to watch as well.

It's a movie with a really pleasant flow, despite of the fact that the movie does has some slower moments in it. It's simply a nice modern done heist-flick by Scott Frank, who made his directorial debut with this movie. He also wrote the script, as well as for plenty of other well known movies. His movies often seem to have a fast style in them. I like him.

It's also a movie with some good acting. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jeff Daniels are the biggest names but the movie also has some more fine supporting actors in it. It was also good to see Jeff Daniels in a good movie again. Too bad that it didn't really jump started his career again. The acting is also really what keeps the movie going and make it and its character still a compelling and involving one.

It's not the greatest movie you'll ever see but it's simply one that is fine and original within its genre, especially when compared to most stuff that came out recent years, within its genre. In that regard this movie feels like a pleasant and very welcome breath of fresh air.


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