(Review originally written at 2 October 2008)

This is one rather odd but also yet somewhat enjoyable '70's flick.

Main problem I had with this movie was it's incredibly simplistic story about an escaped convict (Oliver Reed) getting revenge on his wife (Jill St. John) after she cheated on him with another man and got herself pregnant while he was in jail. It's an unlikely as well as an uninteresting main story-line that just never really gets of the ground, also since the movie at times suffer from some pacing problems. Some sequences in the movie just last too long, for instance such as the escape sequences that could had been wrapped up in 5-10 minutes but instead they really take their time for it and it last about twice as long.

The movie gets filled with some unlikely elements and silly plot twists in the end. It doesn't really help to make this movie a better watch and even makes this a totally bad and embarrassing movie to watch at times.

But it's a typical '70's flick, with typical '70's elements in it, which means that it has some redeeming qualities. '70's movies are always just something more special to watch. This movie does feature some good experimental camera-work at times and has a gritty straight-forward kind of approach and atmosphere, which is also real typical for a British '70's gangster-flick. The movie is at its best when it features some action in it. Not that it's anything too big and spectacular but it gets simply brought well to the screen.

Somethings it feels like watching the movie as if like halve of the scripted sequences didn't got filmed, which is also probably true, due to most likely budgeting reasons. This is an obviously cheaply made movie and it also shouldn't had cost too much money to make it. Some scenes don't always flow well because you have the sense that there simply was not enough editing material to work with. This also causes the movie to make some sudden jumps at times.

But oh well, at least it still has Oliver Reed in it, which also somewhat uplifts the movie. Not that he plays the best role out of his career or anything but it's enough to still keep this a still somewhat enjoyable watch. The movie also features Jill St. John right after her Bond girl role in the movie "Diamonds Are Forever". She never really has been my favorite Bond girl though...

Odd little '70's flick that is still somewhat watchable, thanks to its redeeming, typical '70's, qualities.


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