(Review originally written at 1 October 2008)

I know this is considered a classic and all but I couldn't find myself liking it all that much. I don't know but lots of people talking loudly at the same time over each others lines is just not my idea of something funny.

On top of that the movie doesn't really feature any good likable main characters. Despite the fact that I like Cary Grant and he was always able to play a likable scoundrel, his character in this movie just didn't worked out to me. He was more a very selfish character than a funny one really and more annoying than amusing. Same goes for Rosalind Russell, who basically plays the same sort of character as Grant. They really deserved each other.

The movie entirely goes for its screwball comedy elements but it forgets basically everything else. It forgets it has a story with also some romantic as well as dramatic elements in it. Because of this none of the romance and more serious intended moments within the movie just didn't ever worked out.

To be honest, I quite liked the movie in the beginning and in general I'm also fond of these type of movies, especially when they star Cary Grant but about halve way through the movie totally started to loose track and the movie became an huge fast going mess. It's pace becomes incredibly high and lots of character constantly show up and are going away again just as fast as they came. The movie at that point basically becomes more of an annoying one to watch and it doesn't get any more better when it heads toward its ending.

It's not like I hated watching this movie and it certainly does has its moments but for a movie that is considered a true genre classic, it's definitely a disappointing one.


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