(Review originally written at 4 June 2008)

Even though I can enjoy the Shrek movies, I just never have a too big fan of it. The first movie was good but also sort of overrated and the second part had too many misses in it. I therefor also expected to not enjoy this third part of the Shrek series and my expectations for it weren't high. Nevertheless I really enjoyed this movie and it was a positive thing that the film-makers this time actually tried out some new things, rather than making this movie a rehearsal of the first 2 Shrek movies.

Seems like they stopped with the spoofing this time and went for some originality and creativity of its own. It doesn't make "Shrek the Third" the Shrek movie with the most laughs in it but it also makes it the less forced of the Shrek movies. The previous Shrek basically tried to be constantly funny and often went over-the-top with this. This movie rarely goes over-the-top, perhaps only toward its ending and then mostly with its action.

Because the story is more original of its own the movie as a whole also feels fresher and therefor it becomes a pleasant movie to watch, even if it doesn't have the most laughs in it. It must also have got to do with the fact that this movie is directed by different people than those who directed the first two Shrek movies. A good choice to go with different directors, even though its also true that it must have something to do that director of the first two Shrek movies Andrew Adamson is now days a successful live-action film-maker and he is the director of the first two Chronicles of Narnia movies.

Technology hasn't stand still since the last Shrek movie, for this Shrek movie is better looking then ever before. The animations are simply flawless and it most be lovely to work with technology like this. The opportunities are basically endless and there are no boundaries.

Good thing is that they also didn't introduced too many new characters this time. Basically most characters who also appeared in the first two Shrek movies re-appear in this movie again but in a more restrained way, which assures that this Shrek movie is really about Shrek.

Thing I don't like about the Shrek movies is its moralistic undertone and themes. There's always a message in these movies and I feel the movies would be a lot more entertaining if they completely drop this and go for simple pure entertainment instead. All of the Shrek movies have a certain amount of drama in it. I'm just not waiting for this amount of drama whenever I'm watching an animated movie.

If they continue making on Shrek movies in the same trend as this movie than "Shrek Goes Fourth" might not turn out to be such a bad movie after all.


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