(Review originally written at 3 June 2008)

The moment this movie got released it already instant basically became a classic. It takes the horror and zombie movies to a new era and already film-makers are starting taking over the movie its style of film-making and approach with its story and concept.

"28 Days Later..." is very original, even though its not. I mean, basically very little original is in the story and the movie actually 'borrows' a lot from much earlier genre movies. Yet "28 Days Later..." could and should be regarded as a totally original genre, mostly due to its approach.

Leave it up to director Danny Boyle to deliver a good movie with also lots of style and originality. This movie does not pick a classic horror approach in which our main heroes are running from the evil killer zombies, the story is much more layered than that and there are some deeper meanings to the story. For instance in the second halve it becomes apparent that perhaps not the infected are the worst and most dangerous villains around but mankind is actually much more vicious and evil some under circumstances. This is also why I really liked the second halve of the movie, even though it was quite different from the first halve of the movie. I always like movies that completely turn 180 degrees after they are halve way through, at least if its done in a good manner of course.

The movie its approach is totally realistic, which also can be seen back in the movie its gritty and dynamic camera-work and the way the overall story progresses and the characters are being developed. I'm also pretty sure that this movie shows an accurate portrayal of the case when an actual epidemic such as this would break out on a large scale. Nothing in this movie ever makes you think; oh that's really not possible or believable! Even though the movie of course features brain dead murderous 'zombies'.

But hardened horror fans don't worry. The movie still features plenty of gore and graphic killings for you to enjoy. This movie welcomes a new group of people to the genre but at the same time knows to maintain and please the 'old fashioned' horror-lovers.

The movie is also good looking with its settings, which truly enhances the movie its atmosphere. There is nothing scarier than watching a completely deserted London.

There are some fine actors in the movie that are all giving some fine and realistic performances. Cillian Murphy can basically play anything and it was this movie that marked his big breakthrough. I'm not a too big fan of Naomie Harris but she is simply good in this movie and plays her role very natural and therefor credible. Further more Brendan Gleeson also plays a fine smaller role. Megan Burns on the other hand is just downward horrible. Pure and simply, she just can't act. It seriously ruins some of the realism and tension of the movie at times. Thank goodness she also hasn't acted in anything every since. Casting her was basically the biggest mistake this movie made.

It's already a classic within its genre.


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