(Review originally written at 18 December 2009)

Italian giallo's didn't became popular until well into the '70's. This movie is considered to be the first giallo ever made and it definitely has all of the ingredients in it that made the genre so popular later on.

But in all fairness, as far as the genre goes this movie isn't the best one really. It's not a bad movie but it also isn't the most exciting or tense one to watch either. Giallo's are often more than thrillers and are a lot more horror like actually with its build up and often very graphic moments. Not much wrong with the build up of its killing sequences in this movie really and also very little wrong with its graphic killings, it's just that this movie never fully succeeds at becoming a very tense one, with a mysterious and unpleasant kind of atmosphere.

Its pace is perhaps a bit off, which causes the movie not the be the most exciting one within its genre. Still of course you need to give this movie a lot of credit for being about 10 years ahead of its time. The movie does really feel and look already like an '70's movie and it already has got some of that special experimental visual style over it in some of its sequences.

The movie has a pretty decent killer with a nice look. Its concept also suits the genre well and it has decent a nice story to go along with it. Like all giallo movies the movie is also a whodunit, that keeps you guessing to the end. Not that it matters much though who did it in this movie, fore it basically could had just as good had been anybody and the movie would had still been the same to watch.

A nice first step in the giallo genre.


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