(Review originally written at 17 December 2009)

It's crazy, basically we have a decent genre plot here and some more than capable actors to play the roles but the movie makes some wrong choices, that often turn this movie into a silly one and therefore also a quite bad one.

Not that the movie was very original to begin with but at least it showed some potential with its story. It's the sort of concept that should turn the movie in a decent thriller to watch. For its first halve or so it also is a quite watchable movie but then some of the twists and turns start to kick in. The movie could had gone into many different ways with its story but yet it picks the least likely ones and for some odd reason the movie toward the end becomes more of an action flick than a thriller really. The characters were being all still quite credible in the first halve but in the second halve we see them all doing things that completely ruins some of the credibility they had build up in the first halve.

Further more it's pretty much a movie by the number, without any real surprises in it, despite of the twists and turns the movie is taking. It's one of those '90's thrillers that try to look more clever than they in fact really are. On top of that '90's movies all tend to have the same visual look and feeling to it, which just isn't the most compelling thing. In terms of style the '90's was one of the worst, if not the worst, decade for movies.

Like a lot of thrillers from those days the movie has a pretty solid cast, with some well known names in it, like Demi Moore, Alec Baldwin, Anne Heche and James Gandolfini. Also child-actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a quite popular grown up actor these days, with his most recent roles in movies such as "(500) Days of Summer" and "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra".

Not really a great thriller that is worth watching but also far from the worst that you'll ever see.


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