(Review originally written at 11 March 2010)

I don't see how you could ever resist this movie. It's simply such a charming and delightful movie that you just can't help but liking.

It's being somewhat of a screwball comedy but since this movie got made in 1953, it's not quite the same as the usual average screwball comedy, made at the peak of the genre, during the '30's and '40's. You could say that the movie is being less goofy and is more about the hearth and warmth of the movie, that makes this movie such a charming and delightful one to watch.

Of course you could really say that the movie helped to made a charming one because of the great presence of Audrey Hepburn in it. You could say that this movie really was the breakthrough movie for Audrey Hepburn. Not only because she won the Oscar for it but also because it was the first time that she was playing the female lead within a movie. She had appeared in several movies before but mostly in some supporting roles. Sometimes she was in a movie for only a couple of seconds. What a waste of such talent and beauty, or at least of course it seems that way now. She is just the perfect woman to me, with her girl like charm and natural beauty and she spoke quite well Dutch as well, as she also demonstrates briefly toward the end of the movie. So if you look anything- or are like Audrey Hepburn, you can drop me a line anytime. The modern Audrey Hepburn of this time and age is really Keira Knightley, who can also always drop me a line at anytime by the way. Not only do they look similar from certain angles but both also seem to have something very natural over them and also act that way, though Knightley broke through at even an earlier age and seems to be more versatile as an actress.

But of course we also really shouldn't forget about Gregory Peck in this movie. He was already being somewhat of a star at the time, though he probably has never shined more in a romantic role. He handles the comedy, drama and romance in this movie all very well and believable. I also liked Eddie Albert in this movie, who probably provided the movie with most of its comedy. He even got nominated for an Oscar for his role in this movie.

The movie can be seen as a modern fairy tale, though modern probably doesn't apply very much anymore for an 1953 picture, but you get what I mean. It's about a princess who is on the verge of a mental breakdown and on a given night decided to go out and hang around in Rome with 'normal' people for a change, incognito. Reporter Gregory Peck soon finds out who she truly is and decided to take advantage of the situation for his own personal gain but of course soon starts to grow a soft spot for Audrey Hepburn. Who wouldn't really. The movie has simply a great story because it all feels quite smooth and natural and the movie doesn't luckily goes to over-the-top with its situations and comedy, though it very easily could had.

It's also a good looking movie, not only due to its main leads, but also thanks to some wonderful looking sets and locations in Rome. Yes, this entire movie got actually really shot at location, which also made it a quite expensive one for its time and genre.

The whole movie, directed by William Wyler, is just simply an irresistible one!


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