(Review originally written at 10 March 2010)

I'm sorry fan-boys but the different approach and way of storytelling in this movie works out way better than the mess that the first three movies were.

You can see this movie somewhat as a reboot of the The Prophecy movie-series, cause it got made 5 years after the last entry and continues on a different storyline and without Christopher Walken for the first time. It's obviously also a far cheaper movie however and has this typical modern straight-to-video look. Also no coincidence that this movie got set and shot entirely in Romania, a country were a lot of movies get made like this one because it's very cheap to make your movie over there. Not that this is a complaint about the movie really, fore it doesn't interfere with the movie its overall quality.

This movie certainly was a lot more pleasant to follow and watch than any of the other previous movies. But yes it's true though that this is because the story is being kept rather simple and perhaps a bit too formulaic as well. It really isn't a too original movie and it borrows a lot from many other popular genre movies.

It's really nothing too great all but it's simply a good watch.


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