(Review originally written at 4 February 2011)

This movie is filled with plenty of good ideas in it. But perhaps one too many. The movie does definitely not life up to its potential but in the end the movie still remains a more than watchable genre movie, especially when you are into Japanese horror movies (sorry, I just don't like the term J-horror anymore).

Thing that I really didn't liked about this movie is the fact that it explains far too little. The movie decides on being scary, by throwing in a whole bunch of supernatural stuff but without thinking about any of the consequences for its story. It's a very simple way of horror film-making; just throw in a whole bunch of scary moments and make the movie mysterious but don't worry having to explain any of it. Sorry, I'm just not buying that. Lots of stuff really doesn't make much sense in this movie, once you start thinking more and more about it. The movie its mystery works overly confusing, not because it's being complicated but more because of that it doesn't bother to explain very much.

But it overall didn't ruin the movie for me. It was still a good viewing experience and at times I was actually really into it. It's too bad because with just a few minor script changes the movie could had been a really truly great one. Now instead the movie only shows small hints of what could had been a great movie.

Can't really say that it's being a very scary movie or that it's being much good as an horror, also not in the least because it seems to recycle mostly from other, previously successful, genre pieces. But I also don't think that this was what the movie was aiming for. Perhaps its trying to be more of a psychological horror, that is more about its mystery and atmosphere, than ghost appearing out of the walls or ceilings. The movie does a good job at creating a nice suitable mood and atmosphere, which enhances the movie its viewing experience and the overall pleasure of it.

It's definitely a well done film, that perhaps was trying to be and to do just a bit too much with its story.


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