(Review originally written at 3 February 2011)

In a way I enjoyed watching this movie, though at the same time it obviously is not a very good movie. It has a really bad story and plenty of very immature moments and weak acting but still I feel that for the right group of audience this is a fun little movie to watch.

It's still being a very simplistic movie, that pretends like sex is the one and only important thing for high-school students. This is the thing that mostly bugs me about these sort of movies, like you HAVE TO loose your virginity before you reach a certain age and you are a big looser and it's regarded as a big failure when you haven't. Even though in the end these movies still send out good and positive messages as well, about relationships and such, it doesn't make it right that this movie is so incredibly sex-orientated.

And besides, some of the messages just are plain false and the movie shows stuff that is never going to happen in real-life. Like going for a relationship with a girl you are in the friends-zone with is a big no-no and when you are a fat nerdy looking guy you simply shouldn't even bother to go for the hottest girl in school and waste months or years of your life on it but instead focus on a girl that is interested in you and more in your league as well. Just my advise. Write it down in your book of love if you will, since it's more likely to help you more than the messages that get send out by this movie.

But no, I'm definitely not hating on this movie, since it also did get quite fun to watch at times. Some of the comedy is very immature but still most of it is being somewhat funny as well, It probably has more misses than hits in it but still plenty enough hits to make you enjoy watching this movie, especially when you are in the right age-group.

Still it's a shame that lots of things seem to randomly happen in the movie. Just think about it; how many sequences or characters in this movie actually add something to the story of the movie. It feels like lots of comical sequences got thrown together and came from different movie-scripts. It makes the story feel a bit messy but then again, who would ever want to watch this movie for its story?

On par with the majority of the 'American Pie Presents' movie.


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