(Review originally written at 16 October 2010)

In short; yes, this movie is extremely bad.

It's best not to see this movie as a sequel to David Lean's "The Bridge on the River Kwai" at all, or else you'll be even more offended by this movie. And it's not even like this movie has much to do with the 1957 classic in the firs place. The movie is literately set at the river Kwai for about 5 minutes at most and it focuses on some totally different characters.

The movie tries to be like and adventurous WW II movie, with also some action added to it but it all got done extremely bad. It really doesn't get brought to the screen very well, due to its serious lacking directing, which is most notable during it's so called action sequences. Ultimate low is the extremely lame and laughable fight between Chris Penn and a Japanese soldier at the airfield. Or was it supposed to be a spoof of the famous airfield fight from "Raiders of the Lost Ark"? Even the music hints at this a bit.

The story is really all over the place. At times it's really unclear what this movie is trying to be. The one moment it's being a serious drama, about the horrors of war and the other it's being a simple mindless bad action flick. It also really isn't clear were the movie is heading to. There is a lot of traveling in this movie, which often add to the confusion and it really isn't made clear what is actually being the main plot-line for the movie. Characters are doing lots of silly and unlikely stuff, which doesn't exactly add to the movie its credibility. It all really doesn't make this movie a very pleasant one to watch.

This movie was obviously just a quick and cheap way to cash in. It also seems that the movie its title was reason enough for some decent actors to get involved with this movie. Quite amazing that Edward Fox agreed to appear in this and the movie further more features some other well known and respected names such as Denholm Elliott, Chris Penn and George Takei.

A big mess of a movie, that got very poorly done...and there is even a fart joke in it as well.


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