(Review originally written at 16 October 2010)

This whole trilogy consisted out of movies that never really reached its full potential. Still they must have done something right, or else they wouldn't had made three movies about it and even an American remake of the first movie got done.

I have always liked the main premise of the 'Chakushin ari' movies, that can be described as a mixture of "The Ring" and the 'Final Destination' movies. Yet horror-wise they have always been lacking, due to its unnecessary complicated story-telling and approach.

It's often hard to understand what is happening all but I must say that out of the three movies, this one is the best and easiest to follow. "Chakushin ari 2" was really the worst and the biggest mess, so my anticipations for this last and third movie were not that high. But actually I was pleasantly surprises to see how that had improved on things, such as its acting and story. This was perhaps the movie out of the entire series that I enjoyed watching the most.

I still can't really see this movie pleasing most of the horror fans. It's definitely still lacking in that department, probably because the movie is trying to hard to be clever, while in fact it actually isn't being so at all. The movie actually gets quite ridicules at times and there are some moments in the movie, which I am not going to spoil, that almost completely ruined the movie.

Enjoyed watching it but it wasn't anything great or impressive overall.


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