(Review originally written at 11 July 2009)

Problem with this movie is that it's being too much of a replay of the first movie. The movie and its story come up with little new and original things, which is one of the most disappointing things about this movie and many other sequels in general.

Even though this movie is more or less a redone version of the 1988 movie "Pumpkinhead", the movie feels yet nothing like the first movie. It doesn't feel connected in any way, even though it features the same story and some of the same characters in it. Even Lance Henriksen, who played the main role in the 1988, returns in this movie but it makes you wonder why really. His presence adds very little to the movie and its story.

The movie lacks in atmosphere and the movie doesn't feel at all as if its set in Southern America. No wonder, since the movie was completely shot in Romania.

None of the Pumpkinhead movies have really been good as horror ones. It lacks some good scares, mainly because due to its lack of true originality. The movies had at times some good gore in it though, this movie included. Yet it also never becomes really effective as an horror, just like its predecessors. It's also quite strange to note that the monster itself is far worse looking than the ones featured in the much earlier made movies. This of course has to do with budgeting reasons, which is definitely one of the reasons why "Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes" really is a movie that you can easily do without, also if you have the previous Pumpkinhead-entries.

Another complaint about this movie is that it's an hard one to follow, which is because of the reason that it's a quite poorly written one. You never get involved with any of the characters and at times it's hard to understand their motivations and even the reason why they are present in this movie. Who is even supposed to be the main character/hero of the movie? It's just a far from interesting movie to watch.


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