(Review originally written at 11 July 2009)

"The Postman Always Rings Twice" always had had the reputation of a classic and I think it's fair to say that's one of the best movies within its genre. For a film-noir it shows some serious guts but not without featuring all of the ingredients to make a great film-noir with as well in it.

You can say that the story and the way it's being constructed and build-up really makes this movie. It's a movie that jumps from the one thing to the other, with still managing to make it all feel coherent and connected to each other. There is quite a lot happening in this movie story-wise and the movie throws a couple of unexpected twists in it, that makes the story go into many different directions throughout. Whatever direction the movie goes into though, it's always good enough to provide the movie with something fresh and intriguing, which always keeps you hooked on what's going to happen next within the movie.

But it's also really quite a daring story for its time, since it very prominently features the theme of infidelity. Marriage was still very much a sacred thing at the time and this movie its plot that features the idea of killing a wives husband so the two young lovers can be with each other much had been quite controversial at its time. It's the reason why the book didn't got turned into a movie any earlier.

It's a movie with a story that brings out the best of the genre. It has a great femme fatale in the form of Lana Turner, an original murder plot and lots of backstabbing characters, as well as a rough, scrubby main character, played by John Garfield, who died way too early in 1952, not too long after this movie.

An unique movie for its time and still a great as well as original movie to watch now days!


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