(Review originally written at 14 January 2007)

In all honesty I can't think of any reason why anyone should ever watch this movie.

I really think and feel, while watching this movie, that everyone involved with making this movie thought that they were making something Oscar-worthy. Besides, why else would so many stars had appeared in this movie? The movie tries to be very style-full in some of its sequences and with its style of directing but it only works laughable and distracting, since the story itself simply does not work out at all.

All that the movie does is give us a view in the life of a depressive student. Is this interesting to watch? No and for the following reason; the main character just isn't likable in her action and behaviors and she rather pushes the viewers away, then to provide them a look in what is going on in her mind. She remains too unpredictable and 'weird' for that. You just CAN'T have a good movie when the main character isn't likable and/or easy to identify with. That probably is the reason why mostly only persons who have suffered from a depression- or are still in the middle of one, still like watching this movie. They can relate to the main character and her actions and behavior. The 'healty' person just simply can't. The movie just doesn't allow it.

The movie seems to be lacking a purpose in what it is trying to tell or achieve. The movie is just ongoing rambling about a depression, without having a real conclusion or solution, even though the movie features an annoying 'all-knowning' voice-over.

If this movie already won't make you depressive while watching it, then surely the musical score will. It's so horrendous and simple.

The story also doesn't flow very well. I think that the movie tries to tell too much in a too short running time (the movie is only about one and an halve hour long). Some of the cuts don't work and the movie often takes too big leaps in its time-line.

In all honesty, the movie really didn't started off as a bad one but about halve way through the movie I had the feeling that I had seen it all by now and the movie just wasn't heading anywhere interesting anymore with its story and characters.

Guess that the only true redeeming quality of the movie is its acting. The movie is filled with some big- and superb actors. Christina Ricci proofs she can really act and by now is far more than just another ex-child movie star. Jessica Lange also gives an impressive performance as the mother. The rest of the movie seems weirdly cast but all of the actors work out pretty well in their roles, such as Jason Biggs in a good serious role and Anne Heche as a psychiatrist, though the choice for her seems weird, considering her own psychological history. The movie further more features Michelle Williams and Jonathan Rhys Meyers in some small but good roles.

It's a pointless to watch this movie, since the main character is hard to ever relate to and she's far from a like-able one. Only perhaps watchable if you yourself can relate to the events and main character of the movie.


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