(Review originally written at 25 April 2008)

In all fairness, this is one totally bad straight-to-video looking B-flick, that gets only made worthwhile by its amazing cast and performances.

This movie is a good example of how not to tell a story. Halve way through the movie we still have no idea of what's going on and what the main plot line is and who wants what. And while the first halve of the movie focuses mainly on Elias Koteas, the second halve is all about Christopher Walken, Christopher Walken and Christopher Walken. Not that I mind though, it just makes the storytelling pretty incoherent.

On top of that it's not like the story itself is also actually much special. Like I said, it takes too long for things to finally really start off and when it does it's just mostly disappointing. I mean, it's about the second battle in heaven but yet all we get to see is Christopher Walken against occasionally a different angel. You can say that this movie is a bit of a lackluster.

All the more reason why this is obviously a B-movie. Also thing with this movie is, is that it's really made as a B-movie, so with bad and predictable editing and camera-work. And director Gregory Widen must have really counted his blessings when he learned that all those fine actors agreed to appear in this movie, since he himself obviously is not the most talented director around.

So the movie gets only mainly purely uplifted by its actors. I just can't believe how many fine actors there are in this movie. This is of course one big fun role from Christoper Walken, who plays the fallen angel Gabriel. It's a delicious fun villainous role, with which he obviously can go over the top with at times. I'm not really accustomed to seeing Elias Koteas play a big role but he is a capable actors so he definitely pulls it off alright. Besides that the movie also features Virginia Madsen, Eric Stoltz, Viggo Mortensen, Amanda Plummer and Adam Goldberg. What a cast list! Although yes it's true that most of them at the time were still fairly much unknown actors but that doesn't make them any less good to watch in this movie.

I can't really say that the "The Prophecy" is a recommendable movie, although when you watch it you'll probably enjoy it for its acting.

I can't believe they made 4 more sequels for this movie!


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