(Review originally written at 26 April 2008)

This is one great, though flawed Marx brothers comedy (without Zeppo this time).

It features all of the usual typical Marx brothers comical ingredients and characters. Groucho plays the fast talking ladies man, Harpo the mute fool and Chico is just being Chico. It features lots of silly classical comedy moments, with a pinch of slapstick as well as some hilarious dialog.

Yet this is not a movie without its flaws. Some of its comical moments get stretched out too much and go on for too long. It isn't the best paced Marx brothers movie. Also the singing and musical moments just gets a bit too much at times, which also really slows the movie its story down. Especially when Groucho isn't in the picture the movie starts to drag.

Well, of course it's not like the story is anything special in the first place. But luckily this has never been really a requirement for an '30's comedy. It's just a simple, easy, enjoyable story that provides plenty of room for the Marx brothers to show of their antics. Also the other supporting actors did a fine job in the movie and with its comedy.

A fine enjoyable silly comedy.


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