(Review originally written at 20 April 2009)

To be honest I more enjoyed watching this movie than its predecessor. The movie picked a less serious approach of things, which mostly made this an enjoyable one to watch. It was too bad that toward the end the movie becomes a bit too ridicules and its story seems to be completely thrown overboard.

Still can't really understand the hate toward this movie though. If you take this movie for what it is it's simply a good and enjoyable one to watch. It's story might not be anything special but it's simply all good enough for the movie of this sort and it features all of the right required ingredients. It's also a movie done with some more style, which comes back in its more professional visual look.

I found the characters from this movie to be also far more compelling as the ones from the first movie. Perhaps this is also due to the actors playing them. This movie has some more big names in it, such as Edward Furlong, Anthony Edwards and Clancy Brown. The characters work out as more entertaining and they are easier to identify with.

It's true that this isn't really an horror movie and that's probably also why this movie is being blasted a lot by many people who were basically expecting another movie exactly like "Pet Sematary". Perhaps this movie is also better viewed as a stand-alone. Sure the movie has some gore and shock but it's mostly being used for its 'entertainment'.

The movie is good and enjoyable for most part and in those parts the movie is in my opinion also definitely better as "Pet Sematary" but as the movie is heading more and more toward its ending it tends to get worse. A real shame, since it takes away quite a lot from the movie and its entertainment value. It turns into a real poor B-flick and I feel that the makers perhaps also had some difficulties at times finding the right balance between its humor and the movie its more serious intended aspects.

Definitely still a good and enjoyable enough movie to watch, if you're willing to give it a shot and simply take it for what it is.


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