(Review originally written at 19 April 2009)

This is basically you're typical Stephen King adaptation, with some pretty average production values (has a made for TV type of look over it) and just acceptable acting performances. Most Stephen King adaptations are like this, with of course the exception of the obvious movie titles. Still the movie is slightly better than the average one, mostly due to the movie its second halve.

To be honest, the movie was not like I expected at first. Perhaps the movie its title is a bit misleading. It suggest that the movie is about a bunch of death animals coming alive and causing some mayhem. This is only part of the movie its story though, that in its second halve takes a more interesting approach with its concept.

The movie begins quite annoying actually, with its family that is being portrayed like a perfect and happy bunch, including some annoying nagging kids, who really don't talk and act like real normal children. Why do movies keep doing this? There also isn't an awful lot of horror to enjoy at that point but the movie gets more bold toward its ending and that is mostly what saves the movie and still makes this a horror movie that is worth watching, despite not being anything too spectacular, shocking or memorable.

The movie has a bunch of subplots which however never get used and developed properly. This is what happens when you use a novel as main source for your movie. What often works out in a novel simply doesn't work out for a movie its flow. It was the first Stephen King adaptation for which he self write the screenplay as well. King perhaps demanded a bit too much power over this movie because he was too afraid they would turn the movie into something completely else from his novel. Movie-wise this wasn't the best move. Guess he also learned from this though, since ever since he never wrote a screenplay again for any full length movie.

Well worth watching, though certainly not the best or most exciting the genre has to offer.


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