(Review originally written at 24 February 2007)

Really not the best genre movie around but an enjoyable and good enough on to watch.

The real problem of the movie is its simplicity and its emotionless distant approach of it all. The movie really isn't the best or most clever written movies but it nevertheless is a well made one, with some good directing, acting and overall backdrop and atmosphere.

The movie is hanging together from its coincidences. The movie too heavily relies on coincidences, which really doesn't make the most believable movie around. It's a style that works so well in other British movies, just not in this one.

This movie is somewhere in the middle of everything. It has too many comedy to be a drama and too much drama to really be a comedy. It makes the movie an unbalanced one, as you can never be to sure with what approach to watch this movie. Because of this nothing in the movie ever really works out as good as it was supposed to.

The movie also doesn't really work out as a romantic movie, since the love between the two main characters just isn't notably present enough. Not necessarily the actors fault but more because of the approach of the movie. Their relationship is more believable- and would had worked better as a friendship between two people who went through a hard time and supported each other in it. But it wouldn't had been a romantic-comedy then, now would it.

At least the actors still did their very best. Richard Roxburgh once more shows his versatility as an actor. Michael Hodgson is also good as the more comical relief of the movie. Jonathan Cake on the other hand isn't the greatest. His character is way too stereotypical and totally unoriginal to find it funny.

Nevertheless it's an harmless movie to watch. It's a movie that does not bore and is an easy one on the eye and mind.


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