(Review originally written at 6 October 2007)

Basically this is a great comedy to watch late at night. It's nothing too fancy or original but it's basically good quality entertainment, from a great genre director and a real solid cast, filled with some of the best actors currently active in the genre.

The real most surprising thing about "Old School" is its cast. It's not only filled with some great leading actors but also lots of famous faces in small roles and cameos, such as Juliette Lewis, Elisha Cuthbert, Seann William Scott and Harve Presnell, among others. But of course the movie gets carried by the three main leading men; Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn. Will Ferrell is such a show stealer! He has the best moments and lines in the movie. And Vince Vaughn once again shows that he is a great actor actually.

Perhaps the concept of the movie called for some more and better thought of jokes but nevertheless the movie doesn't feel as if it's not entertaining enough already now. In the end not all of the plot-lines get wrapped up properly or satisfactorily but you know, in a comedy you just tend to forgive this sort of storytelling flaws.

What I liked about the movie is that it greatly mixes the comical and the more dramatic and personal elements of the movie. The one doesn't distract from the other, which is I think due to the professional genre directing of genre specialist Todd Phillips, who also directed movies such as "Road Trip" and "Starsky & Hutch".

It's probably not a comedy that will go in the books as the most hilarious or best one of all time but the movie serves its purpose and that's to simply entertaining the viewer, with more than a couple of good laughs.


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