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Of course this movie takes lots of liberties with its story. I mean you shouldn't watch this movie if you want to learn about the true story of the mutiny on the Bounty. For instance for the movie its sake, Captain Bligh is a ruthless almost Hollywood like villain while Fletcher Christian is a saint like hero. Also Captain Bligh never returned to Tahiti for vengeance. Well, he did return to Tahiti but on a different new mission, after he got back to England, to fulfill the very same task he was supposed to carry out with the Bounty, not to search for the mutineers or anything like that. Also the mutiny itself was without any bloodshed and actually quite peaceful. This can be said for certain since there even is no mention of any violence in Blight his logs. Just a few things that makes this movie differ from the truth. There is nothing wrong though of course with taking liberties with the truth, as long as the movie and story benefits from it, which it does. But like I said, just don't watch this movie for your history class.

The movie with its 132 minutes is quite long for a 1935 studio movie. The movie is however just as long as it should be, since there is of course a lot to tell and the movie doesn't really ever bore or drag, though the middle part of the movie is a bit slow and perhaps stretched out a bit.

Quite an achievement that the movie constantly knows to keep your attention, since the story of course is mostly set only aboard a ship. There is plenty happening though and they did a great job with telling the story. Yes, its mostly its story that makes this movie such a great one to watch. It's both adventurous and dramatic.

The movie also is an interesting watch since it features Clark Gable in a rare role without his trademark mustache. He also plays the best role of the movie, also perhaps because Charles Laughton's role isn't always that credible and you have the feeling they perhaps overdid things a little. Not really Charles Laughton's fault though.

It's also a real wonderful looking movie with convincing sequences on sea and aboard the boat. Real high class film-making! The movie also received 8 Oscar nominations but oddly enough only took home the one for Best Picture of the year.

It's still a great and perfectly watchable movie also truly if you aren't really into '30's movies.


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