(Review originally written at 4 September 2008)

This intentionally was going to be a sequel to the movie "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town", also directed by Frank Capra, starring the same actors from that movie but instead the script was altered and an alternate title was given; "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington". But yes, when watching this movie it becomes visible how this movie could had worked out as a sequel to "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town". It features a similar sort of story about a random small time man who suddenly gets thrown into the big bad world of money and power. It a movie of a man against the crooked system.

I must say that I like this movie better than "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town", while that movie on its own right also already was a great and fun movie. This movie however seems to be better with its comedy, in its first halve at least, which makes this an even better and more pleasant movie to watch.

But above all things it also has a better story, which works inspiring. Yes, it's a patriotic movie but in this case I can really live with that. It's a moralistic movie, concerning politics and ideals but without all of the sappy elements. The movie actually received an amazing total of 11 Oscar nominations, something not too many movies can say but it unfortunately only took home one award, for its writing. It received nominations in all of the mayor big categories. Besides its drama and comedy the movie of course also features a healthy portion of romance. Not a big shame that it didn't took home any more awards, when you consider that it was nominated in the same year "Gone with the Wind" was and some other great classic movies, such as "Stagecoach", "The Wizard of Oz" and "Wuthering Heights", just to name a few.

It features James Stewart in a great role. He always had the ability to play a character comical like but also with a serious undertone and effective during the movie its more dramatic moments. Also great was Claude Rains in a role, in which he was made to look much older than he in fact was at the time. His very natural acting style seemed to be ahead of time. Both actors received their first Oscar nomination for their roles in this movie. They should had won both really.

One of the best, most powerful and most beautiful 1930's movies I've ever seen.


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