(Review originally written at 4 September 2009)

Well, to be honest the movie was not as bad as I had feared, mainly because of the reason that it had some entertainment value in it.

It's obvious that this movie got made purely for entertainment and without much else intentions. The story is simple but sort of fun and adventurous. This doesn't take away anything of the fact that it's still a pretty poorly made movie.

It's a bit clumsy looking, as you can often expect from an Italian genre movie like this one. In it's era many movies like this got made and you can say that the Italians sort of founded the genre in the '50's. It's all muscles and costumes, without ever giving the movie much flair but still special typical genre feeling and atmosphere.

Of course it's all rather cheap looking, with lame effects and cardboard looking sets and props. It makes the movie itself also quite lame to watch at times but again, I feel that this also adds to the movie its entertainment value.

I just wished they would had spend some more time on the movie its script. The movie now feels as if the movie got shot with only a halve completed script. Lots of things often don't make sense and some things feel incomplete and unfinished. It's not a very satisfying movie to watch. Especially toward the end the movie turns awkward. It starts to become more and more messy and things start to make less and less sense. You'll loose interest about halve way through the movie, which just doesn't make this a very comfortable movie to watch.

It isn't completely horrible but still pretty bad nevertheless.


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