(Review originally written at 29 August 2009)

While the overall story for "Gilda" isn't anything too compelling, the movie is still a great one to watch, which is mostly due to it's main character Gilda, played by Rita Hayworth.

"Gilda" perhaps isn't exactly a good textbook example of a film-noir, it still has it's most classic ingredient present in it; the femme fatale. Rita Hayworth was perfect for her role and her looks and acting certainly provided the movie with a certain sexual based tension. For 1947 this movie surely features some sensual moments, making this movie also a bit controversial at its time.

While the actual plot of the movie is quite good the movie itself is still quite messy with its story, that is being told needlessly complicated at times, which takes away some of the movie its good writing. I think you can blame director Charles Vidor for this, who just didn't know how to use and handle its material to its full potential. Nevertheless the movie always remains a good one to watch, despite of it all.

The movie has a sort of "Casablanca" like style, atmosphere, story and characters and the movie got obviously inspired by the 1942 classic. Perhaps this is also why the movie doesn't work out to its full potential. It doesn't really rely enough on its own strength (its story) and more tries to imitate "Casablanca" and other similar successful genre movies, with its look and feel.

Not really the best example of an '40's-era film-noir and also not the best constructed movie you'll ever see but its story and main characters still make this a more than great one.


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