(Review originally written at 14 September 2010)

Out of all the popular and long running Maciste franchise, this has always been the one that got the most attention and appreciation, even now days.

I have not seen most of the other old Maciste movies, because they are basically impossible to get or view in any way now days, so I can't really comment on how this movie fits within its long running series of Italian shorts. Seems to me that every movie is different and does not only pick a different story but also tone and environment. This time the movie is really being like an horror, from the 1920's and has a very dark and moody atmosphere.

It's a movie that really reminded me of a lot of other great horror movies from its time. It mostly reminded me of the German expressionistic "Faust", by F.W. Murnau. I'm not saying that it's a rip-off in any way though and that's not even possible, considering that this movie got released actually one year earlier than "Faust". It just breaths the same sort of atmosphere and has even a bit of a similar story and characters in it.

The movie already started off wonderfully and I liked the story but then the movie even becomes better, once Maciste enters the gates of hell. The devil (or Pluto as he is called in this movie. It's an Italian movie after all) plays around with Maciste but he of course is not a person to be fooled with and soon declares war on the devil himself.

It's a real visual movie. Especially the hell-world got wonderfully created, with large sets and impressive looking make-up and costumes. The movie also uses a lot of early effects for some of the movie its evil magic, which is all good looking and impressive really.

A real great and wonderful looking Maciste movie.


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