(Review originally written at 14 September 2010)

Quite amazing how many of these lame killer-animal movie MGM released over the years. I can't think of any other big respected studio that did this. Obviously those movies have a lot more going and have bigger names involved with it than the average genre attempt from any other, much smaller studio. It makes it all the more amazing how much worse these MGM killer-animal movies are from the average genre attempt.

Where to begin really. First of all it has a bad and very simplistic story. It's not the kind of story that attempts to give much background or depth to the story. It's also real silly how the movie gets told. Not only does nothing really get explained, the main characters respond rather illogical to the whole situation as well. Never do they really attempt to find out what is going on or are even trying to battle any of the ants. And when they are finally in safety they almost immediately go out and get themselves in trouble again.

It's hard to take a killer-ant movie seriously at all but problem with this movie is that it plays itself out very seriously. There is not any relieving humor or any other humorous moments at all. They could had easily made this a fun movie to watch, at its very least but they completely neglected this.

And the effects for the movie are just totally, horrible, horrible, horrible. It are the type of effects that were already regarded to be outdated in the late '50's, when monster movies still got made in much larger numbers. The use some extreme blow-ups of real life ants and attempt to combine this with the actually footage and for the moments when an ant attacks a character they used a large rubber ant that looks totally lame and just plain awful. It's not even bad in a fun way.

The characters just aren't fun or involving at all. In the first half of the movie there isn't even a main character yet really and in the second half of the movie it turns out that the main 'hero' of the movie is being a character that in its first half got hardly featured at all and was one that came across as incredible grumpy, depressed, boring and a whatever more one.

Needless to say that you are better off never watching this movie.


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