(Review originally written at 16 July 2007)

This is a nice little movie. It's nothing too fancy or big but just provide some good decent 90 minutes to enjoy.

It's a good written story. They used all of the script its potential and it provides the movie with a couple of nice and original moments, despite its unoriginal and restrained concept, budget and settings. You can also really thank the director for that, who brings everything very stylish to the screen.

Still the story has some lesser and more silly parts. Such as the way the main character is leaving a trail is unbelievable. Hard to imaging that anyone could be really that dumb and obvious in a situation like that.

It's unfortunately also a movie that begins very well and has a good middle but toward the ending it starts to loose some of its power and creativity, when the story starts to loose more and more of its credibility. A shame really.

The acting is good surprisingly and it definitely uplifts the movie and makes it feel more professional than its budget would allow it to be. Dean Cain plays a good main character and he gives away a nice performance. And hey, it also has Danny Trejo in it as the main villain. We don't too often get to see him as such but his role is also more limited down as you would perhaps expect.

Still a movie well worth seeing.


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