(Review originally written at 15 July 2007)

This movie leaves a totally pointless impression. It adds noting new or original to the genre and on top of that the movie is just not a well made one.

They desperately tried to make things more interesting with its script but the movie in fact remains nothing more but a generic genre movie, that unnecessarily makes things hard on itself with its script and redundant characters.

The story also doesn't always flow, which is due to some bad pacing and editing. At times it feels like sequences are missing and things occur too fast after each other. The story lacks proper back-story for the characters and when the movie tries to put in some emotions they work out blank and come over as artificial and forced and completely unrealistic or believable. You can also blame the director for this. I'll bet the movie would had been way better if it didn't took itself as serious as it did. Some more 'fun' wouldn't had damaged the movie.

Because of the failed script not much works out in the movie. It's not tense, it's not mysterious, it's not surprising. The action feels lame and the love-story misplaced and unrealistic. Some of the dialog is horrendous and it makes the characters at times seem like dumb Neanderthalers. A real offense to the viewer's intelligence.

Despite the fact that the movie is filled with stars, the movie still is miscast. In all fairness, I think Jennifer Lopez is a good actress but it just doesn't show in this movie, in which she plays a character with a thick Cuban accent, who is supposed to be the love interest of the movie of the two main characters. Stephen Dorff feels out of place since he's only ever real good and convincing as an actor when he plays a villain, which is mostly due to his looks. Still it's interesting to see Jack Nicholson and Michael Caine as partners in crime. Especially Nicholson makes the movie worthwhile at times and his character is perhaps the only real good and enjoyable one of the movie. Though Caine is also good at times but mostly when he acts as a different person in the movie.

A movie to forget really fast.


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