(Review originally written at 12 March 2007)

The movie feels totally pointless because of the reason that never ever gets developed well in the movie. Her relation with the baseball player, the relationship between the two sisters and their father, the story of the Edward Burns' character and his son...everything is so heavily underdeveloped. It's the reason why the movie makes a totally redundant- and also leaves an unsatisfying impression.

And if this is a comedy than were is the humor? For a comedy this movie surely has an awful few laughs in it. Basically in essence the Tony Shalhoub character is the only one that shows comedy potential but his character gets hardly used in the movie. There aren't really any comical moments or situations in the movie, though the movie still has a good pleasant and light overall atmosphere.

The cast and acting in the movie is good, so the movie is obviously a waste of the talent involved. Angelina Jolie shows how a great actress she is, even with platinum blond hair. Nevertheless it's a real shame that her character and the Edward Burns have no chemistry at all. Come to think of it, none of the characters in this movie really have any chemistry with each other. So it's a good cast, that was just wrongfully cast and put together in this movie.

Not sure what the movie tries to achieve; if it wants to parody anything, or if it wants to bring over a message about morals and life (probably the latter one). Anyway, fact is that the movie simply does not work out due to some bad storytelling and development and the characters that share absolutely no chemistry.

Stephen Herek has never been known as a brilliant director but he has always made some decent movies, such as "101 Dalmatians", "The Three Musketeers" and "Mr. Holland's Opus". This movie is however an huge miss from him.

Really can't think of any reason why anyone should ever watch this movie.


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