(Review originally written at 11 March 2007)

I absolutely loved this movie when it first came out. It has an amazing cast, a pleasant light way of storytelling and a cleverly written story, featuring some great stereotypical gangster-type of characters.

So, ever wondered what would happen if gangster interfered with producing Hollywood movies? See "Get Shorty" if your curious about the result. It's an unusual original story about tough gangster put in an unnatural environment, who thinks that are making movies is the same as any other criminal activity.

The movie is cleverly written with many different characters, that all follow one and the same plot line. All characters have different motivations but they are all cleverly connected to each other. The many characters often mix and meet each other in the events, which also causes all of their motivations to mix. The movie is really cleverly written and executed. It perhaps sounds like a complicated and hard movie to follow but it really is a light, great written and pleasant one to watch.

The movie also works because of the many fine characters and of course the actors that portray them. Basically every character in the movie is deliciously stereotypical, from the Hollywood-producer to the stunt guy and from the successful acclaimed Hollywood actor to the mobster boss. The movie is well cast with actors that are obviously not cast because of their comical talents but purely because of their acting skills. The cast is one to kill for. John Travolta of course knows how to play a cool and likable gangster. Gene Hackman also plays one of his most fun roles as low-budget Hollywood producer, who thinks that he is going to make it big time. Danny DeVito is great as an Hollywood-actor and Dennis Farina, Delroy Lindo, Miguel Sandoval provide the good gangster parts of the movie. David Paymer also does what he can do best; playing a guy with a hat. The movie is filled with many more well known actors in small roles, such as Bette Midler and James Gandolfini and even small cameo appearances such as Harvey Keitel makes.

Also mainly due to the movie its professional cast, this is not an hilarious type of movie but more the sort of movie that has a constant pleasant and light atmosphere that will surely put a smile on your face. The comedy is more of the subtle kind, that everybody should be able to appreciate. Nothing in the movie ever feels forced, no matter how crazy and mixed up the movie and its situations ever get.

As far as the '90's go; this movie is about as cool as they could get. This movie was the definition of cool in the '90's, at the time of its release. Of course times have changed now but the movie still has an overall cool atmosphere and pleasant way of storytelling. It's a light fun movie to watch and re-watch over and over again.


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