(Review originally written at 20 July 2010)

This movie really isn't much good but with its title "Leprechaun in the Hood" it became an instant cult-classic.

In all truth and honesty, this movie is just plain bad. It's cheap, has a weak story but at least it has some entertainment value, which still keeps this movie somewhat watchable. It luckily doesn't take itself very seriously, which kept the movie still quite fun to watch at times.

The story just doesn't make much sense and its simply really weak. The Leprechaun characters gets basically wasted in this movie and he's certainly less evil as a character, which is mostly due to the reason that he isn't that much in it. At times he just pops up but you feel that with only a few simple changes to the script, the Leprechaun character could had been cut out completely. I'm glad it didn't obviously, or else we would had to miss out on yet another fun Warwick Davis performances, though it seems he was a bit rusty in this. This movie got done 3 years after the previous sequel and he had done quite a few other movies and television stuff in between, unlike the previous 4 movies, which he pretty much did back to back. Seemed to me that he was still searching for the right tone for the character again throughout the movie.

But at the same time it also is its silly story that still makes this movie mostly so fun to watch. It certainly has some cult value in it, with its rapping thugs, living in the hood, crossing paths with the little, green, Irish, Leprechaun. It's such an absurd and unlikely combination that it actually does work out. The movie has basically very little else going for it. It's not being a very compelling movie with strong characters, an intriguing, clever, original story, or any good horror or tension. Instead it's just being a silly, fun movie, that despite being a bad movie is still a somewhat watchable one, like basically all of the Leprechaun movies.

All that it's missing is a Snoop Dogg cameo but at least it has Ice-T and Coolio in it to compensate for this.


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