(Review originally written at 19 July 2010)

Don't you just hate it when a movie-series for no reason ventures into space. Lots of long running horror movie series did this and even James Bond did it with "Moonraker" but I have to say that this is probably one of the worst 'in space' sequels.

This movie makes absolutely no sense. Why, for whatever reason, is the Leprechaun suddenly living on a far off planet in outer space? This movie has basically absolutely nothing to do with any of the previous movies and it doesn't ever slightly attempt to connect with any of them. No pot of gold in this one, no silly rhymes. Only thing that this movie has in common with all of the previous ones is that it stars Warwick Davis as the Leprechaun. At least he looked as if he was still having fun with it all.

It's obviously of course also a far from original movie but this is not the biggest complaint. The movie could had really worked out and could had at least been entertaining fun to watch. It purely relies on its main premise of having the Leprechaun character set aboard a space craft this time. Sounds like an entertaining enough idea on its own, also since it has some space marines thrown in the mix but the movie just never works out and gets no way fun because it's all so poorly done. The movie is so bad that it's not even fun to watch. At least the other Leprechaun movies had some entertainment value in it but I only just wanted this movie to end.

The movie has some bad characters, played by some equally bad actors. You just never care about any of them and you also just don't like them. They often do some very unlikely things, that just don't make sense once you start thinking about them. What exactly was the Guy Siner's character motivation, that obviously was an evil one but it made no sense what he did at the end, after his 'transformation'.

It's a real cheap looking movie, with some plastic sets and some non-existing special effects. The make-up effects are still being as good as ever though.

No way I ever want to watch this movie again.


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