(Review originally written at 14 July 2010)

At least this movie was more fun to watch than the last one but as a movie it's still a quite bad one.

Thing is that this movie has such an incredibly weak story. At times it's like the movie is not even following a real plot line. Things get developed poorly and it just simply a very weak, thin story. Luckily the movie has some redeeming qualities in it, which still makes this movie a quite entertaining one.

Warwick Davis again gets to do some nice stuff as the evil leprechaun character, that just basically is a shorter and more Irish version of Freddy Krueger. He jokes around just as much with his victims, as well as inflicting some real pain to them. It's a good character, that above all things works out as very entertaining. It makes the movie fun and silly to watch.

And its fun and silly-factor are what still makes "Leprechaun 3" a good enough movie to watch. The entire series has always been more comical than horror like, which helps to make it one of the more entertaining, silly horror movie-series around. But you really shouldn't see this as an horror movie though. Simply take it for what it is. The movie doesn't ever pretend to be a scary or gory one even.

It's too bad that the movie doesn't always focus enough on the Leprechaun character. It focuses far more often an the human characters, who just aren't very strong or interesting ones, beside the somewhat fun secondary characters. They also just aren't the best actors around. Especially Lee Armstrong gets annoyingly bad at times.

At least it's more entertaining that the previous sequel but it's by no means a great movie.


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