(Review originally written at 16 July 2010)

First of all, I can definitely see how this movie feels and looks outdated to some people. However if you look at this movie at it from the perspective of the time that it got made in, it's being a great genre movie, that is original as well.

As far as alien-invasion movies go, the story for "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" always have been one of the best and certainly most original ones around. It's also being a somewhat realistic story, at least when you compare it to all of the other genre movies that came out around the same years as this one did.

The set-up of the story is great and very effective. It's being mysterious and the movie doesn't try to explain too much which only adds more to the mystery, that in return also adds more to the tension of the movie. You could say that it's a minimalistic movie, which works out very well. The movie didn't even cost halve a million to make and it didn't had the backing of any big studio's.

It's a bit surprising that this movie got directed by Don Siegel. A man that isn't exactly well known for being a director in the science-fiction genre. His action movies and westerns are far better known and he's best known for his collaborations with Clint Eastwood. This is just not the type of movie which you would normally expect from him. It shows his much wider range as a director and his talent for it of course.

And then the eternal question of which movie is better; the original or the remake. And with remake I of course mean the 1978 version, not any of the other ones. In my opinion it's the remake that is being the better movie. It does more with its main premise and has a better, more mysterious and tense story. But in all honesty, both movies are also quite different from each other. They basically have different plot-lines, different settings, different story-telling and different characters in it. Both can easily be seen as totally independent from each other movies, that you can both watch and enjoy and see as two different movies, that only share the same main premise with each other.

A very effective- and original for its time, movie.


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