(Review originally written at 28 November 2009)

"The Lavender Hill Mob" isn't a too known well movie but it's one of those early British comedies, done in the same style as for instance the much better known "The Ladykillers", also starring Alec Guinness in the lead.

It's a nice little heist movie, involving gentleman like characters instead of the usual crooks. Of course the entire heist doesn't goes as planned exactly because otherwise what would be the fun for us to watch it? Even though the movie is of course being filled with some predictable moments it all remains good fun to watch, due to its top quality execution of it all.

It's not a comedy that constantly tries to make you laugh but it's more the subtle kind, that amuses with its unusual situations and the normal average character's responses to it.

Of course the movie also owes its actors a lot for this. Alec Guinness perhaps always had been at kind of his best in these sort of quirky, gentleman, comedy-roles. He was much more respected and known for his serious roles but in a way at heart he was still more like a Peter Sellers type of actor.

The movie in itself is quite short, which is a bit of a shame since it also gave you the feeling that the movie could had perhaps been better and more fun had it been a bit longer. Not saying that this movie is not good or fun to watch now though of course.


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