(Review originally written at 7 July 2008)

This movie can be interpreted and viewed in many different ways. Most people praise the movie for its father-son relationship in it but to me the movie was an adventure through town, in which the main character encounters the many different social layers of post-war Italy. after his bicycle got stolen and he spends the entire weekend looking back for it, since he needs th bicycle or else he'll loose his new job. It basically is a great and honest portrayal of life in post-war Italy for a common man, who tries hard to find and eventually keep his job, to support himself and his family. It's not a movie that tries to bloom things or follows the usual standard common rules of cinema. It's an early neorealistic movie, in which director Vittorio De Sica used only amateurs to give a realistic and honest portrayal of life.

It's a great social and character study. Through his travels through town he visits all kinds of places and meets people from the different society layers. A great study of post-war Italy. The main character himself also isn't without his flaws, which can also be seen back in the father-son relationship within the movie. It's a real honest and straight-forward movie that also shows how far some people are willing to go to get what they want. A great character study.

But yes I do agree that the movie is perhaps a tad bit too overrated. Sure it's great and appreciate all the movie tried to achieve but it also isn't an easy movie to watch, due to the low pace and just not being interesting enough at times. It still rate this movie high but I don't think I agree that this movie is deserving his spot in all of the top movie-list and also don't really consider this to be an absolute must-see or classic.

Having said that "Ladri di biciclette" is just a great movie. To be honest I was surprised that it got made with amateurs and some sequences were also obviously improvised on the spot. The movie really doesn't look and feel as if it mostly involved amateurs and this also really goes for the acting within the movie.

Even though it perhaps is not the must-see, or influential movie, everyone wants to make you believe it is, it still is one great unique movie which most certainly is worth watching.


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