(Review originally written at 7 July 2008)

Being a good personal friend of Peter Falk, Patrick McGoohan starred in quite a few Columbo movies and he as well directed some. In this movie he both stars and directs and does a good job with both but it's mostly his directing that stands out and makes this one fine Columbo movie to watch.

I liked the movie it's beginning. McGoohan did a great job from the start, making this a nice mysterious movie to watch, with a very solid suiting atmosphere. It's not really a typical Columbo atmosphere but it works out well for the overall movie and its style.

The movie its story also allowed this movie to be more mysterious than the usual Columbo movie entry, also due to the presence of the CIA this time. Perhaps the movie is not always good or fast going in parts but it overall is a great different story for a Columbo movie.

Its directing really gave the movie something special. Also the camera-work is outstanding and uses some interesting angles, which are consistent with '70's style but not really the Columbo style in particular.

The movie features also Bruce Kirby again, who played the same character in a total of 4 different Columbo movies, as Sergeant Kramer and he starred in a couple of more Columbo movies as a different character. Leslie Nielsen also once more plays a role in a Columbo movie, this time as the victim, from the time he he still mainly played serious roles. But it of course above all is Peter Falk's and Patrick McGoohan's movie, they mostly carry the movie with their roles and their fine acting performances.

One fine Columbo movie, mostly also thanks to Patrick McGoohan's great directing.


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