(Review originally written at 27 February 2010)

I feel that out of all the sequels, this is actually the one that stays the closest to the original. Not that that necessarily is a good thing though, since the first movie was far from a perfect or thrilling one but it nevertheless is an enjoyable series, mainly thanks to its great concept and thank goodness that this movie is not as bad and disappointing as the previous entry; "El buque maldito".

Guess that entire series is one that tries to be different with its approach. Instead of focusing just on its gore and violence, the movies are more about its atmosphere and buildup. It results in the fact that all movies out of the series are kind of slow ones and a bit of a lackluster as well. Nevertheless the entire series is made great thanks to the awesome blind Templar knights, who kill their way through these movies.

But perhaps it's also simply due to the fact that these movies are Spanish productions and obviously not made for a lot of money, which is the reason that the movies are a bit different from, lets say, the Italian sort of productions, from the same time period.

The fact that this movie is so slow is definitely a thing that will put off some people. It also really makes this movie and just the entire series in general, a bit of a waste of such a fine concept and great potential. You can say that the blind Templar knights and their slow-motion running horses get too little to do in this movie unfortunately and they do not get featured enough in it, at least not till the last halve hour or so. But luckily they are much better looking again when compared to the last movie. In "El buque maldito" they looked horribly cheap but it seems that for this movie they got to spend some more money again on their looks. Perhaps this is due that this movie got shot at location again, unlike "El buque maldito", which required some more set and set-dressing, since the movie for most part got based aboard a ghost ship.

But once the movie picks on some pace and the blind Templar knights are doing their thing, this is simply one great movie to watch. And there still isn't anything more awesome than watching those zombie-like creatures riding their horses in slow-motion, toward their next victim.

All in all it's a worthy last movie within the series, even though the movie offers little new or originality once you've seen any of the previous movies out of the Amando de Ossorio directed series.


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