(Review originally written at 17 January 2011)

It's funny how basically every Italian thriller made during the '70's gets labeled as a Giallo, though not all Italian thrillers are being such ones of course. Even though it does basically has the same type of atmosphere over it, this movie is simply being a straight-forward mystery-thriller, with a great story and lots of other great elements, that all help to make this an original- as well as an effective watch.

Thing that immediately becomes obvious about this movie is that is a very well made one. It really has a great visual directing style, which gives the movie a good atmosphere and feel to it but the movie has a great narrative in it as well.

It's a movie that constantly jumps back and forth between 'present time' and lots of flashbacks, that show what happened all previously, to the main character and he got into the threatening and unusual situation that he's in. This is an approach to the story that works out really well for the movie and actually also enhances the movie its tension and mystery.

I really loved the story itself as well, that isn't anything too likely but it's all well written and executed in the movie. It features some nice nice thriller and mystery elements but I really don't want to spoil much about it, since this movie is really something you have to see for yourself and take things as they come along, without knowing in advance which direction the story is heading toward. It's a movie with plenty of good surprises and plot-twists in it, as well as an highly effective, unforgettable ending. The story is mainly the reason why the movie works out as a very original one within its genre as well.

The movie does a good job at keeping things going and maintains a good pace throughout but it can't really prevent the movie from dragging a bit at points and some moments in the movie actually come across as a bit pointless. But anyway, the movie is just over 90 minutes long, which is too short to get really bothered by any of this.

A real great accomplishment from Aldo Lado, who made his directorial debut with this movie. He had some experience with the genre as a writer but it seems as if he had saved his best script for himself with this movie. Unfortunaly his career as a director never really took off, which is simply due to the fact that most of his other directed movies never reach the same level of greatness as this one. A shame because he really showed a lot of promise with this directorial debut.

Luckily it still of course doesn't change anything about the fact that this movie is one great and original watch.


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