(Review originally written at 18 January 2011)

It's not like this is being an horrible movie but I just don't get what everybody is raving about. The 'cleverness' in this movie only comes from its metaphors and it's mostly being a lack-luster movie, with just not enough tension, mystery or comedy.

I would had probably loved this movie if it had been done as a comedy. I just think that the movie its concept would had better suited that genre and the movie that way could had really been a funny as well as entertaining one to watch. The movie is still being listed as a comedy but I just really can't see it as one. The situations are certainly over-the-top but there is just nothing else about this movie ever screams out comedy or even something remotely funny.

To be honest, I like coming of age movies and I also really like horror, so by all rights I should be absolutely loving this movie but I'm just not doing so. They use a metaphor of werewolf-ism for puberty in this movie, which is about the only thing that makes this an interesting movie to watch but as the movie moves along it just becomes more and more ridicules, when stranger and stranger situations are happening, that are all extremely unlikely. This is when I started to loose interest in this movie pretty fast.

Some more tension and mystery also really wouldn't had harmed this movie. I wanted more to happen but it's as if the movie is mostly holding back with all of its horror and mystery aspects. Granted that this also wasn't the aim the film-makers were having in minds but it at least would could had spiced up things a little more in this movie.

This movie is also suffering from the curse of the '90's movies (even though this is a 2000 movie), which is meaning that it has an awful TV-look over it and just a bad overall directing style.

Overall it's still being a good enough movie but just not one I'm crazy about or want to see again. Still will be watching the sequels though, so lets see if they've improved on certain points.


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