(Review originally written at 19 April 2010)

This probably is the best and most entertaining movies out of all the Kozure Ôkami movies. If you already thought that the first movie was action packed, wait until you see this one.

It's not just more action filled or entertaining but it's also a better done film as well. The directing and cinematography and all, all seems better in this movie. There are some great looking and wonderfully done sequences and I'm not even talking about the fight sequences then.

The movie is basically non-stop entertaining action in which Ogami Itto takes on more bad guys and gals than ever before. He is still as skilled as ever, so often it doesn't take more than one strike with his sword to kill off his opponent. It doesn't mean the fights are boring though. Far from it really. They are greatly choreographed and very over-the-top. It's amazing, the innovativeness they came up with at times. Of course there also still is plenty of blood in this one, when blood sprays out of every wound that gets inflected in this movie.

Great entertaining fun!


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