(Review originally written at 19 April 2010)

This movie is basically two for the price of one. It's a movie within a movie and it works out great and entertaining.

No way that this is a brilliant movie but the way it got constructed still make this a quite good one and an original as well. The story evolved around a group of people watching an horror-flick in a cinema, that is about a psychopathic killer, who is under the heavy influence of his mother, when it turns out that there is a killer on the loose in the cinema as well. The events of the movie within the movie and the events within the cinema mirror each other, which really gives you the feeling that you're watching two movies at the same time. The time spend between the two story lines of the different movies is divided equally, so you feel attached and drawn toward both stories. It's this approach and the execution of it that makes "Angustia" a fun and original watch.

You are basically having two slashers in this movie, the one even more gory and bloody than the other. Fans of the genre will therefore have plenty to enjoy with this one. The movie perhaps feels more like a Giallo in its style than a typical horror movie really and that's not a bad thing of course.

It's a Spanish movie but yet it's done entirely in English. It had a Spanish director and some of the actors were Spanish as well but with the English there were obviously aiming toward an international market. And why not with a concept such as this one. This movie must have been great to watch in a packed cinema. It would had made you look over your shoulder once or twice for sure.

But of course there also are some American actors to make this movie attractive for the international public. It was great fun to see Zelda Rubinstein in this. She was a real perfect actress for the genre and always played this sort of roles very well. I also really liked Michael Lerner as the eye collecting killer. He's not a big name but a well known face within the industry.

A great fun and original movie!


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