(Review originally written at 3 November 2008)

You know, some movies are just not made to shock the world or to break any box office records. They are just made to bring us some entertainment and I feel that "Jumper" does not fail at this.

Yes, there are more than a several things wrong with this movie and the story could be mostly blamed for that. It's a really simplistic story that makes the good old-Hollywood mistake to focus almost entirely on the love-story aspects than anything else really. Because of this its action and science-fiction/fantasy elements feel more like they got pushed to the back in this one. But also purely its story with its main plot is seriously lacking and is quite simplistic actually. A lot of things don't make an awful lot of sense, since they are simply not being explained every well enough in the movie and the movie is filled with mostly clich├ęs and isn't really quite ever surprising enough.

Nevertheless the movie does not fail to entertain and it simply is one fine movie to kill some time with. It's simply a fun movie people! A perfect in-between movie so to speak, just as it must had been a perfect in-between movie for Doug Liman, David S. Goyer, Hayden Christensen and Samuel L. Jackson to make. It has one fine concept of never ending possibilities, which also opens the door for some sequels and/or spin-offs. A sequel has already been announced, with Doug Liman attached again to direct. Not that I will run to cinemas to watch it but I'll probably pick up the DVD when released if it is anything like this movie.

The movie is made good and fun by its concept, which is an imaginative one and one that can be used as an excuse to feature as many as possible landmarks and famous big cities and places within one movie. The movie handles its concept well, at least as well as its stories allows it anyway. It's just not a movie you should think about too much, that way you'll simply enjoy this movie for what it is.

Hayden Christensen never have been much of an action star but he is simply good in this movie and well cast. Contrary to popular believe, he can act really well. It's also fun to see Samuel L. Jackson in a villainous role for a change again and it's also nice to see Jamie Bell in such a big production and important role again.

It's a well made movie that is good looking and obviously cost some money to make. This can mostly be seen back in it's special effects of course, that aren't always convincing but are nice looking nevertheless. Doug Liman is a director who can do action really well and in a refreshing way. He doesn't attempt to let the movie look spectacular and he doesn't try to impress the viewers with any big mind-blowing action sequences but like I said, he knows to handle it in a good and refreshing way, which works out wonderfully for this movie.

A fun entertaining little movie for in between, that could had been great had it had a better and more present story though.


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