(Review originally written at 15 December 2006)

What exactly did I just watched here?

To be honest, the movie started of promising. It seemed to have some nice actors and character and above all the movie made SENSE. However the movie started to go down hill rapidly and I mean really down hill!

This movie is real wasted potential. The premise is good and interesting and good enough to raise some provoking issues. The actors are also good and so is the visual look of the whole movie (with the exception of its early special effects), with its Stan Winston make-up effects, settings and cinematography. Yet somehow they messed everything up and all of its potential is wasted in this messy, confusing, weird cinematic piece of garbage.

It sounds ironic but from the moment when Marlon Brando's character appears in the movie, the movie becomes all quirky, weird and extremely messy. The movie starts to become very unbelievable and toward the end also very far from understandable. Marlon Brando and Val Kilmer are of course great actors but in this movie also unintentional funny and not credible as persons who like to play God. The act like a bunch of idiots in this movie and they do some weird things, Marlon Brando especially, who also looks totally ridicules with weird make-up and odd clothes. In one sequence he even wears an ice bucket on his head! Ice bucket helmet...I rest my case. I think that says enough about how this movie is like. The ice bucket sequences is iconic for the rest of the movie. He is also accompanied by a small dwarf like creature, who wears the same clothes and sits by his right side. It obviously formed the basis and inspiration for the character of Mini-Me in the Austin Power movies. It makes these sequences even more unintentional hilarious to watch.

But yet it are still the well known actors who give the movie still some 'watchability level'. David Thewlis was perhaps not the right choice for the main character, he isn't charismatic enough for that but nevertheless he's a great actor of course. Marlon Brando doesn't plays such a prominent role as you would expect. He actually appears quite (too) late into the story. Val Kilmer perhaps delivers the best performance of the movie, until the moment when his character goes crazy. The movie further more features well known actors such as Ron Perlman, Temuera Morrison and William Hootkins in unrecognizable roles.

I wish that the movie made more sense. It would at least had made the movie more entertaining to watch. It instead now offers very little entertainment, even to the most objective and open viewers. The way the story is told makes it far from interesting, compelling or thought provoking. If I had to tell what the story is about, I would say; about a bunch of weird like half human-animals who want to break free from their master and 'God', played by Marlon Brando. Everything else gets muddled into the messy story. It makes the movie look like a ridicules potential-less Z-movie from the '50's.

Really not worth seeing. I only have one more thing to say, that should sum it all up; Ice bucket!


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