(Review originally written at 31 January 2010)

In essence this movie is quite a bad one, since it does a lot of things wrong but at least it knows how to be fun, which makes this still a perfectly watchable silly movie.

Silly is perhaps the right word for this movie, in the positive sense of the word. It's a quirky movie, that you can obviously absolutely never take seriously, like it was also intended not to. It has some quirky humor and characters and the movie constantly deliberately goes over-the-top with it all, which gives the movie a special and fun kind of atmosphere, that in return helps to make this movie a fun and pleasant one to watch.

Even though I liked the movie its style and atmosphere and the movie was also a good looking one, with an obvious big budget to spend, the special effects all were still slightly below par. It was quite distracting to see how bad some of its effects looked. Simply not acceptable for a big budget 2005 movie. Way better looking for the movie and more convincing are the creatures, that come from the Jim Henson's Creature Shop.

But really the thing that prevents this movie from being a great one is its story. This movie would had been so much better if it actually had a story that was going somewhere. The movie now instead is the one silly adventure and crazy looking planet with their inhabitants after the other. The movie is lacking a clear main story and structure and everything just pretty much comes out of nowhere. Luckilly the movie is not being too long, or else it surely would had harmed the movie even more. The movie gets a bit annoying at times with its story, when its trying to be silly too often with its characters, strange settings or space objects. Nevertheless I still for most part enjoyed watching this movie a lot.

For this movie they got a lot of famous, mostly, British actors. Most of them play sort of cameo roles, or at least it feels that way, since the characters just often suddenly tend to pop up. It works well for the humor at times but a others it's just plain annoying. Not everyone feels at place in this movie and at times it makes you wonder why these particular actor ever agreed to appear in this movie, also since their roles are not exactly the most challenging or memorable ones.

Still a perfectly watchable silly movie, though you perhaps need to be a bit familiar with British cinema and everything that goes along with it, in order to be fully able to appreciate and enjoy it.


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