(Review originally written at 30 January 2010)

I can certainly appreciate a good film-noir but this movie just barely could hold my interest.

In its style and build-up the movie is pretty much being a textbook example of a film-noir, though the movie is certainly lacking some of the excitement and mystery that makes some of its fellow genre movies such fine ones. Yes, the movie has a mystery story in it but that one just didn't seemed interesting enough to make me want to know what happened all and how the movie would end.

I blame mostly the pace of the movie for me loosing interest in it and that's the reason why I just never really got into the movie or any of its characters.

You can hardly blame the actors for this all. Robert Mitchum always was at his best in these type of roles and movies and also the just recently deceased Jean Simmons did a great job with her role. She began her career in her early teens, with already some roles in some quite big movies but she was really an actress that showed progress as her career went on and she grew older and did not just remained a new young beautiful promising Hollywood star that would disappear out of the picture, after 3 big roles or so. She would had turned 81 tomorrow, had she not died just one week ago.

It's still an OK movie to watch but it's hardly a gripping or tense one.


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