(Review originally written at 16 January 2010)

It was really surprising to see how great this movie was really! Of course you are not expecting much from a fifth movie in a long running horror-series, that besides got released straight to video. "Hellraiser: Inferno" is just however a great movie, only on its own right.

It is really true that you can watch this movie apart from its original series. It's the fifth movie out of the series but it really isn't necessarily a sequel. Not only does the movie story-wise differ from its predecessors but also in its overall style and the approach of the concept. It makes the movie really stand out as an original one as well within its series.

The movie is just really so totally different from any of the previous movies. You can even call this movie more of a psychological thriller than an horror really, in which Pinhead gets unleashed and brings hell. The movie more focuses on the investigating aspects and on the main character that as it seems is slowly starting to loose his mind, after he has opened the box. It makes the whole story and approach of the concept totally different from anything else that we have ever seen before in an Hellraiser movie. The movie even has actually very little of Pinhead in it, or any of the other cenobites.

Also visually the movie doesn't even look like its part of the Hellraiser series. It's done with more class and style really this time. This movie really shows the potential of director Scott Derrickson, who after this also got to direct some bigger and obviously more expensive studio movies, such as "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" and the 2008 remake of "The Day the Earth Stood Still".

Really a movie with a great approach and execution of it all! Really recommendable to watch, even when you have never seen any of the other Hellraiser movies before.


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